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David Bierman Overdrive - " Everything You Say b/w Sorry "


Release Date: Jun 07, 2017
Catalog Number: GPR-1041
Price: $ 0


David Bierman Overdrive return this June with ‘instant single,’ release show.

David Bierman Overdrive is made up of Detroit rock and punk veterans who convene if and when it suits them. Which isn’t often.

Though they’ve turned in a handful of inspired live shows since their critically-lauded debut ‘Standard Skies,’ they’re far from regulars on the live scene. And, by their own admission, even less prolific.

So the release of a new single is a bit of news then, as well as how they’re going about it. In the course of a week, the band plans to duck into Ferndale’s Tempermill Studio to record, mix and release a new song, “Everything You Say” along with the Easybeats nugget “Sorry.”
“Doing everything in the matter of a few hours will keep the immediacy and the punch,” Bierman says. “No chance to overthink it or overwork it.”

The quick-gun approach suits the band, he says, and offers a quick appraisal of the expected results, “We’re shooting for a refreshing lack of musical growth.”