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Friendly Foes - " Born Radical "


Release Date:
Catalog Number: GPR-1005
Price: $ 7


Their first full-length, “Born Radical” (released on Gangplank Records), delivers the Foes’ compact message in spades. Bursting with 13 dynamic songs, the album boasts lyrics that range from nostalgic looks at life before MySpace and Mp3s, to raging diatribes on rock and roll’s currents state of affairs. Guitars slash and burn, the bass rumbles like a heard of stampeding elephants, and drums crash and bang with precise abandon. And it all comes from three distinct players who are hardly indie rock veterans — Allen also sings and plays guitar in Thunderbirds are Now!, Wittman is one-third of Kiddo, and Brad Elliott has done his time in the Satin Peaches, amongst others.