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Touch the Clouds - " Baetyl "


Release Date: Apr 10, 2015
Catalog Number: GPR-1021
Price: $ 5


“It’s angry, it’s paranoid, it didn’t get enough sleep,” said singer/guitarist Joe Philips, of Baetyl. “…it drank too much coffee. It got up and did it again. It’s a reflection.”

Recorded with Adam Cox in the library of a decommissioned public school in Southwest Detroit, Baetyl, Touch the Cloud’s third release, was recorded in ten hours on a weird, wild, inspirational Saturday afternoon in mid­2014. Mixed by Derik Lee, it was recorded live with limited overdubs and several lyrics written on the spot. Philips credits Dan Coutant’s “fastidious and accurate mastering…He provided a marvelous sanding and lacquer coat to (Lee)’s sculpture.”